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Humble Opinions, anyone?

Humble Opinions, anyone?

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What do you think the LEAST intelligent LJ community is? There's that club of furries, the camwhores, liberals, conservatives, the ljsecret peeps, anarchists, etc.

Which of these groups has the dumbest people, in your opinion? My vote goes to the question club. God, what a bunch of morons with nothing better to do than act moronic.

Which communities do you think are regularly very intelligent? The real_philosophy, convert_me, and libertarianism community seem to have more (though not a terrible lot) of intelligent people, probably due to the highly polemic nature of those subjects. I think that the people in the discord society are fucking brilliant, but not the goof-balls who don't understand the post-structuralist basis of the principia discordia.

I'd like to join more communities with really intelligent peeps. Any recommendations?
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