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Yesterday, my roommate came into my room to see if I wanted to watch…

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Yesterday, my roommate came into my room to see if I wanted to watch the State of the Union with them, to which I replied, "Hell No." Personally, I consider myself to be politically engaged and informed--but this mockery of a president has turned my apathy to the administration to bitter denial of its substantiality. My roommates are also political followers; in fact, one is going to DC for a protest this weekend. I digress.

What are your opinions on Barack Obama--the black, Democratic, hopeful for the presidency? I went to his site this morning and watched a clip of him speak; this wasn't the first I'd seen, and--it must be said--he is a fantastic orator. I read his stance on many of the core issues and I stopped. My innate fear was that his political views were too good to be true; that if he became president, we'd see a 180. Was this due to my pessimism regarding politicians? Or was it substantiated? Why do I have this innate fear of trusting our nation’s leaders?

Then the obvious hit. For the past two presidential terms we've been lied to; we've been reassured, told to live in fear, and then reassured twenty times over. (Which way is up, really?)

What are your thoughts on the presidential hopefuls? (Including Hillary Clinton--someone I don't have much of an opinion on just yet.)
Do you even have any? I hope our generation hasn't given up and taken a back burner at a time when our vote and voice is as important as ever.

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