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Obesity and Starvation

Obesity and Starvation

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Can an obese person die from starvation? I've never been interested in (non-neuro) biology so I've not looked at anything about this. Could an obese person just starve themselves down to their goal weight or what? What would happen to an obese person that only consumed water and daily vitamins?

Yeah, this looks like a potential trolling post but I'm not going to be around to respond to comments for a day or so. I'm genuinely looking for information and I thought I'd come here before embarrassing myself in thequestionclub.
  • I'd say so... I mean, your body eats off the fat, then moves on to muscle, once it's starved of food...
    It might take longer. once the body starts consuming itself, it becomes acidic; this can lead to death in itself.
    • So could you stop starving yourself right before muscle is eaten away? Would that be an effective weight-loss tactic? Or could you die of starvation before your fat is completely burned up?
      • I'd ASSUME you'd die first...due to the acidosis or even septic shock.
        • I see; I was ignorant of the term 'acidosis' and didn't even consider that septic shock could set it. Thanks for saving me the embarrassment of asking that over in tqc :-)
  • I've never looked into this, but off of the top of my head, yea. I think an obese person could die from starvation. They need nutrients and such just like everybody else. Their fat doesn't save them from starving, no matter how ironic it seems.
    • What if the obese person consumed vitamins and water? You still think they'd die from starvation before they hit normal body-fat percentage?
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